Moose wake up call

Our attempt to go to sleep early last night failed miserably. We fell victim to youtube videos about Christopher McCandless and Aron Ralston. Needless to say we downloaded both Into The Wild and 127 Hours by the end of the night. It would have been neat to have had  the time to walk to Christopher’s bus in Denali. I think sleep came to us around 5:00 am, I’m not really sure but I know the birds were chirping and the sun was coming up. A few crazy dreams later I was waking up to Linda alerting us of moose in the yard. We came downstairs to find this out the window:

 After awing at the babies we decided to get dressed and head in to town. We chose to eat at Don Jose’s again because it was delicious when we went last week. Bad decision. It was good but not nearly as good and it came out to like $20.00 a person which bummed us out. We went across the street to the Salvation Army to pick up supplies for a new project. While there I stumbled across these goodies.

An old Curves shirt turned dress. Thank you to whoever made this, I’m in love with it.

And Mickey Moose. I could not pass this up.

But as I said, our main mission was to collect these:

The beginning of our soon to be Octopus Garden. I’ll post details as the project progresses. After thrifting we swung by Safeway to get our daily dose of chai. Sam asked the guy at Starbucks for a “chai latte, no water” except coming from Sam it sounds like “wooder”. The guy looked so confused and she said it a few more times until she realized that he wasn’t understanding the water part. My cheeks and throat hurt from laughing all day every day. We came back to the house and dinner was almost ready. Linda was starting dessert and it smelled and looked amazing.

Kabob dinner was delicious and even though I was full full I didn’t say no to dessert. Homestead pie before being consumed:


Obviously tasty… 

After dinner Mark asked us if we would run and pick up some heavy cream. Out here that means go to Safeway which is a 45 minute drive. It is also one of the prettiest drives I’ve ever done so I don’t mind doing it multiple times a week. Mountain views the whole way and I think we’ve seen a moose almost every time. After asking several dumbfounded employees we felt quite certain they were honestly out of heavy cream. So we headed back feeling terrible about not being able to fill the simple ingredient request. On the drive  two bunnies and a bird all tried to get smushed within a matter of seconds. Now we’re back and about to put on 127 Hours and start sugar skull production. I have a ton of photos to go through and edit. I’ll get to it, I promise! I’m making that promise to myself.









11 thoughts on “Moose wake up call

  1. I hate when someone sends me on an errand and I come back empty handed. It makes me feel useless :<
    Those moose are beautiful!! The more I see you two post about Alaska, the more I want to move there.
    Can't wait to see more about your upcoming project! As much as I try, I can't even fathom what it is.

  2. I’m sure you know this but you are possibly the luckiest girl alive! I visited Canada (Banff National Park) a few years ago and managed to see two bears and a whole lot of goats. We we told that seeing Moose was a very rare experience and you saw the mother and its children! I’m really jealous.

    My experience in Canada has shown me the beauty of nature and I wish I could spend the rest of my life there!

  3. As exciting as your entire day was, I cannot stop looking at how delicious that pie looks. My goodness. Recipe? Or is it a secret? Haha.

    But in all seriousness, I really love seeing doing this (or reading about you doing this). And I really love the moose babies. ^__^

      • does the lady that you guys staying with is your relative or something? your journey to Alaska was magical. I can’t help but wanting to go there someday

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