I disappeared so quickly

I was on a roll for a whole three days. I’ve been spending all my free time painting skulls. I absolutely must finish before I head home. I’ve been wanting to post photos and stories but haven’t wanted to break away. We leave on Wednesday which breaks my heart. How does a month go by so quickly? When I get home I’m going to finish assembling the skulls, pack and ship them. Then I go away for a few days and when I get back I’m going to finish all the Kickstarter rewards and ship those out. I feel guilty about making people wait on their rewards so I’m throwing in a little surprise to hopefully make up for it. There may be some exciting things coming up, I’ll post as soon as I know. Sorry no photos in this post. They’re all on Sam’s external hard drive which is being used. Actually I’ll add one.

How did my hair fade so fast!?
Sam and I are making shortbread cookies and then headed to the beach for yet another campfire. Doesn’t get old.
I’ve been so inspired the last two months I don’t even know how to handle it.