DIY Flower Headband

I was in Hobby Lobby to get some chalk but after walking through multiple aisles of artificial flowers I couldn’t resist buying the supplies to make a flower headband.

What you will need:

  • sewing measuring tape (optional)
  • scissors
  • 3/8″ black elastic (I used Sew-ology and it comes with 2 yards)
  • hot glue gun
  • needle
  • thread
  • flowers

These rose bundles are $6.99 at Hobby Lobby and come with an average of 30 roses each. It takes about 19 roses per headband so you can only get one headband from one bundle but three headbands from two bundles. I had most of the materials on hand so the only thing else I purchased was the elastic which was $1.29. I spent a total of $13.28 (Hobby Lobby is almost always running a 40% off one item coupon) and there’s enough material to make three headbands which breaks down to $4.42 a piece.

Step 1:

Using the measuring tape measure around your head. Cut elastic to same size, make sure it’s not stretched out. Now that I’m writing this I realize that you don’t even need the measuring tape haha you can just wrap the elastic around your head.

Step 2:

Overlap the elastic 1 inch, put a pin in it to hold it in place. Without stabbing yourself place it around your head and make sure it’s comfortable. Adjust as needed and sew together.

Step 3:

Pluck the roses you want to use from the bundle.

Step 4:

Make sure the hot glue gun is ready before this step. Pinch the rose closed and trim the plastic end off, also removing the star looking stem piece. Don’t let go or the petals will fall off. Apply a dab of hot glue and press the rose to the headband. Apply the pressure with the rose still pinched. If you let the flower open and apply pressure from the middle of the flower it will mush it and make it look bad. You’re going to want to leave 1/2″ to an 1″ between flowers. You want the roses to touch but not be squished together.

There are a whole bunch of variations you could make. Different flower colors, thicker elastic with two rows of flowers, bigger or smaller flowers, etc. Have fun!

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15 thoughts on “DIY Flower Headband

  1. Aww…. I was gonna make a post similar to this, but you beat me to it. You probably explained better than I would have anyhow. Planning on using a different kind of headband, though. ;)

  2. Beautfiul! How is everything going with opening a bakery in Orlando??? I am bornb and raised in Orlando, in fact that is what my blog is about. I would love to do a story or two on your bakery! I love promoting local businesses.

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  4. Just finished my version of this!
    Did sunflowers on a thicker black band – and it’s beautiful! :D
    Way cheaper than your store headband, (2.50?!) and way better since you can say you did it yourself!
    Thanks so much for the tutorial! ♥

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