Camper Update #4 The Dates!

Ahhh, finally ready to hit the road! Too excited. Still so much to do over the next ten days but I’m confident we can get it done. This is the first leg of the trip, I’ll be covering other parts of the country later in the year. The meet ups will be an opportunity for us to hang out and get to know each other. We’ll be providing a craft and snacks and the camper will have a little shop in it. I promise I’m as shy and awkward as you are so don’t let that keep you from coming 😛

Here are the following meet up dates:
Camper tour

RSVP on the Evite page if you’re planning on coming

Omaha Evite
Minneapolis Evite
Milwaukee Evite
Chicago Evite
Detroit Evite
Cincinnati Evite
Pittsburgh Evite
Cleveland Evite
Buffalo Evite
Albany Evite
Boston Evite
Brooklyn Evite
Philadelphia Evite
Washington D.C. Evite
Richmond Evite
Charlotte Evite
Asheville Evite
Nashville Evite
St. Louis Evite
Lawrence Evite
Denver Evite

Here are the following campout dates:
Campout dates
Please e-mail me if you’re interested in camping! I’ll send you an Evite link with details 🙂


4 thoughts on “Camper Update #4 The Dates!

  1. OH CHARLA! I am so excited for you! These new adventure of yours looks so much fun! Any thoughts of visiting Utah? There are so many beautiful national parks in Utah! My all-time favorite and probably one of the most popular parks in Utah is Zion National Park. The park alone is beautiful but some of the hikes are absolutely breath-taking. I hope that you can consider visiting Utah, it would be well worth the trip! And meeting you and the pups would be such an inspiring and unforgettable experience! ❤

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